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My name is John Smith and I work for a company.

We are organising a gala dinner at venue on xx/xx/xx.

Our budget is between £2,500 and £4,000.

My Checklist:

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    Virtual Conferences

    Take your industry conference online and reach a wider audience with the help of our professional virtual conference streaming service. Stream from anywhere, at any time, with a number of remote contributors to deliver an event like no other!

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    Immersive Online Events To Make Your Brand Stand Out

    Are you looking for an online event that will stand out? We can make your event interactive so that it provides an immersive experience for participants. Plus, mix a large number of guest speakers and contributors into your event with ease with the help of our simple-use streaming platform. With multiple feeds, our virtual conference solutions are suitable for industry panels and keynote speakers.

    Professional Branded Online Events

    Make your conference stand out with a professionally-branded streaming platform! Our hosting platform can be tailored to your unique branding, giving your speakers and guests a premium experience. Logos, power-points, strap-lines, music, custom backgrounds and more can all ensure that your brand is at the forefront of every attendee’s mind.  Plus, with the capabilities to edit your live event footage, you can gain a valuable marketing and training asset for use after.

    Cost-Effective & Reliable Virtual Production

    Get peace of mind with our trusted services. Virtual streaming is a reliable, and cost-effective, alternative to live events in the wake of Covid-19. Host from anywhere, without the fear of having to cancel your event – and reach an audience that isn’t restricted to your venue size. By saving on catering, accommodation, venue and insurances, many businesses find out virtual conferences a cost effective solution for their audience – and one that’s environmentally friendly.

    Full Technical Support & Production Services

    Ensure your event goes smoothly with the services of our expert live production crew. From logistics, filming and streaming, to troubleshooting and editing, our team can handle every aspect of your virtual conference. Our technicians are behind the scenes at all times, either on site or remotely, meaning you don’t have to worry about the technicalities – allowing you to focus on what really matters.

    Enhance Your Event With Green Screen Hire

    Transform your location at the click of a button with our innovative green screen solutions where your imagination is the limit! Illustrate your content, produce professional videos against a range of backdrops and wow your audience with our technology. Find out more about our green screen rentals here.  

    Why Choose Stage Connections?

    If you’re looking to produce a professional virtual conference, then Stage Connections are the perfect partner for you. Our team are experienced at hosting conferences, exhibitions and more, for a range of industries including healthcare, government, media and law. Our experts will ensure that your conference is a success today!

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    At Stage Connections we’re proud to offer a fast turnaround virtual conference streaming service that will allow your business to host your event without delay. Enquire now to get started!

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