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My name is John Smith and I work for a company.

We are organising a gala dinner at venue on xx/xx/xx.

Our budget is between £2,500 and £4,000.

My Checklist:

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    Stage & Set

    An impressive stage set can really have a great effect on your event. Our inventory contains a large variety of set panels and staging options including curved and angled panels. We can also offer a bespoke design and build service specifically branded for you.

    Revostage Staging

    1. £20 / day
    2. £60 / week

    Lectern hire

    1. £40 / day
    2. £120 / week

    Revostage step

    1. £10 / day
    2. £30 / week

    Truss Lectern

    1. £30 / day
    2. £90 / week

    Acrylic Lectern

    1. £90 / day
    2. £270 / week

    Prolyte StageDex

    1. £20 per 2x1m / day

    Outdoor Stage Hire

    We have a range of outdoor stage solutions that are perfect for any weather condition! Our outdoor stage solutions are ideal for festivals and live music events and provide a safe and secure area for your entertainment. With non-slip flooring you can have peace of mind that your flooring will keep your performers safe, even in wet weather.

    Lectern Hire

    We provide a range of sleek and modern lecterns for your events. Adorn your stage and draw your guests’ attention with a focal point, and give your speakers a dependable lectern from which to present. Our lectern choices include a curved lectern or brushed aluminium model, ideal for events of all sizes. Customise your lectern with bespoke company branding for an extra special touch.

    Portable Stage Hire

    Our portable staging is lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport – particularly ideal if you’re using our staging for multiple events. Our portable staging solutions are strong and durable and can be joined together to create different layouts, allowing you to design entirely bespoke solutions to fit your space. With our unique fixing system, our designs can be erected with ease and pieced together simply with an Allen key – making them quick to install and implement in a short time frame.

    Stage & Lighting Hire Packages

    Combine our stage and set solutions with our high quality lighting packages to deliver an event that will stand out. Set-up a secure stage solution and then use powerful lighting to highlight your areas of choice, allowing you to create depth, atmosphere and draw attention to key moments of your live production.

    Mobile Stage Hire

    Transform your outdoor event with one of our mobile stages, ideal for festivals, live bands, promotions, road shows and corporate events. Our mobile trailer stages are easy to transport and can be set up in no time making it suitable for a variety of outdoor events. This format makes it a quick and cost-effective solution, with smaller crews needed to install.

    High Quality Stage & Set Hire

    At Stage Connections, we provide ourselves on high quality stage solutions that won’t let you down. We supply industry-leading solutions, from brands including Revostage and Prolyte. Our Revostage fold-out decks can be easily joined together to create various layouts, allowing for endless design possibilities, whilst our Prolyte heavy duty staging can be carpeted to specification for a bespoke experience.

    Design Your Stage & Set Hire Solution Today

    Our experts are highly-skilled, with a deep understanding of how to create the perfect stage and set solutions to make your event stand out. We work with organisers of a range of events including conferences, concerts and festivals, weddings, trade shows and more. We work with your internal team to compile the perfect package solution for your budget, and help you select the ideal set and stage equipment to deliver an outstanding production. Find out more by speaking to our experienced crew today!

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